Company management

Directorship of Drillife Group is aware of all responsibility to employees, therefore, the company relies on qualified personnel and professional management from the beginning of the company’s foundation. Our people are the main asset of the company.

The company’s leadership consists of top managers with higher education in the oil sector and extensive work experience in oil companies.

The board of Directors

The Board of Directors currently consists of several members. Therefore, we can evaluate facts and processes from different points of view, while maintaining productivity. Everyone takes their own part of the responsibility.

Meetings of the Board of Directors are held every year, provided that all members are in attendance. Members are exempted from this duty only in emergency situations.

Charter of Drillife Group contains all legal norms of company management. The Board of Directors makes decisions on the company’s priorities, business plans, investment programs and makes recommendations on the amount of dividends.

The Board of Directors hires managers, reviews the implementation of the business plan, evaluates results, and rewards the best employees.

Senior officials

The company’s management is responsible for administration, except for questions which are regulated by the General meeting and the Board of Directors.