DRILLIFE MP is an international innovative company specializing in manufacturing of oil and gas field and drilling equipment. The factory products are widely applied by oil and gas production and drilling companies all over the world.

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Oil and gas field and drilling equipment is designed and developed by the research and development centre that employs state-of-the-art computer technologies.

Apart from manufacturing we provide complete servicing of the oil and gas field and drilling equipment. We also provide comprehensive warranty and post-warranty services. We teach companies’ personnel to operate our equipment and give recommendations on most efficient use of the equipment.

The company manufactures the following oil and gas and drilling equipment:

  • shutoff and control valves;
  • wellhead equipment;
  • BOP equipment;
  • equipment for well cementing operations;
  • VFD systems for drilling units;
  • drilling units;
  • mobile drilling units;
  • trailer-mounted drilling units;
  • mud pumping units;
  • drilling mud manifolds;
  • mud circulation systems;
  • rotary tables;
  • drilling swivels.