DrilLife is a renowned player on the oil and gas market, going back many years. While world leaders have changed many times over, national economies have witnessed ebbs and flows, DrilLife has remained a trusting and committed partner throughout its years on the market.

Within the span of several years DrilLife has risen from a single plant that manufactured equipment for the oil and gas industry, as well as drill equipment, to a full-fledged, world-class oil company. It now provides a full range of services from drilling and cementing to geochemistry and seismic prospecting.

The Company’s brand is well regarded in across the globe, particularly in countries such as the UAE, China, Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan and Ethiopia.

During its time in the marketplace DrilLife has patented a high number of types of equipment and technologies for the oil and gas industry.

DrilLife remains constantly abreast of the times, and burnishes its reputation, by participating in international field exhibits, conferences, and forums. The Company is engaged in field research and works in close cooperation with the largest universities that deal with the oil and gas industries and issues.

The top management of DrilLife is stable, reliable, and top-notch, as the Company continues to be led by professionals with great expertise.