DRILLIFE MAX is an international innovative company specialising in remedial well cementing services, cementing of intermediate and production casing and packer services


The company personnel is highly qualified and experienced in solving a wide range of well cementing engineering and technical tasks, and engineering support of downhole equipment.

The company’s operating facilities include cutting-edge cementing fleets equipped with single and double pump units with automatic feed of cement slurry.


  • Laboratory tests of mud as per API standards;
  • Remedial cementing;
  • Cementing of casings and liners;
  • Cement plugging;
  • Supply and engineering support of packers for hydraulic fracturing operation;
  • Supply of wellhead equipment for hydraulic fracturing operations.


  • CHANDLER lab test technologiesER;
  • Cement mixing technologies;
  • Lightweight slurry mixing technologies;
  • DRILLNET cement slurry pumping technology;
  • Hydraulic fracturing with permanent packers;
  • Engineering support of equipment.